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piano lesson in vienna

Looking for a piano teacher in Vienna?

Piano lessons for kids

Fun - that's an important ingredient for a good music education. At least for me as a piano teacher. Therefore my goal is to provide the right learning material for individual needs and wishes. Obviously, playing music kids like to play is more motivating than playing something uninteresting.

The length of my piano lessons is about 50 minutes. For the younger students 30 min.

A little bit of classical music is something everybody should learn on the piano. But the main part of my piano teaching method is about popular music and playing songs you know and want to play. Additionally, improvising on the piano without sheet music and playing jazz are part of my lesson.

From Bach to jazz to contemporary music. Lern to play the piano in Vienna with my help.

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piano lessons for adults

Played the piano before but want to start again? - want to try a different musical style? - I can help you.

Do you want to learn how to play the piano? - contact me by clicking here

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